Renting a boat is easy!

River tourism does not require any previous experience or sailing certificates, and is open to all. Easy to handle, the boats rented by French hire companies have everything you need for a great holiday.

 Renting a river boat does not require a licence. After introducing you to the boat and giving you some instructions on how to handle it, your hire company will issue you with a provisional permit valid for the duration of your holiday, for a specific route.

 You do not need any previous experience of boating, indeed for many people it is a great opportunity to take their first steps into the world of sailing. The calm waters and easy-to-handle boats mean river tourism is highly accessible.

 An easy introduction and easy-to-handle boats
Well before you set out on your river adventure, you’ll be given a handbook containing everything you need to know about boating. On the first day of your holiday, you’ll get the chance to put it all into practice, in real-life conditions, as an expert takes you on-board for a few minutes of instruction. Your instructor will calmly explain how the boat works, what the various items of equipment are and what they are used for, engine basics, and so on, before giving you a steering lesson.

Throughout your trip, teams of professionals from the hire company will be on hand to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Choose your destination and your provider!

Choose your destination and book your boat with a professional boat hire company. They'll ensure your holiday goes smoothly, and will be on hand to advise and assist, whenever you need.