A Week on the Seille

> Le journal de Saône et Loire (July 2011)

For those who fancy themselves as sailors (freshwater ones) and have a yearning to take the helm of their own vessel for a week, there’s a perfect solution ready and waiting: boat hire. Renting a boat on the canals or indeed on the Seille does not require a licence. This is what launched the market in the early 1980s, and it’s a flourishing market now, with no fewer than four different firms hiring out craft to an ever expanding clientele on the Seille alone.

“What people love here is the wild, natural side. And of course we now offer return-trips so they can go wherever they like – they can even go to Lyons and back”. A week meandering from one place to another, through towns and locks or making a round trip. The customer can ask the hire companies for more or less whatever he wants, if he’s prepared to pay for it. From a week on a fairly simple three or four berth boat during the low season, up to a luxury craft for eight in August, with prices ranging from 800 up to around 4,500 euros.

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