Boat rental – how much does it cost?

Rates depend on the boat’s capacity and level of comfort, the time of year and the length of your break. They generally range from €250 to €400 per person and per week.

Hire rates include the boat, its equipment, dishes and eating utensils, and bedding. They also include boat insurance, any tolls you will have to pay on your trip, a supply of water (for around two days) and gas (enough for a week). You will be charged for a tank of diesel fuel (for one to two weeks, depending on the boat) at the end of your trip, depending on how much you have used.

Here is an indication of the sort of rates charged for a week’s boat hire:

 In France:
For a boat for two people: expect to pay between €500 and €1400 on average.
For three to five people: between € 1000 and € 2000.
For six or seven people: between € 1300 and € 2600.
For eight people or more: between € 2200 and € 4500.

“One-way” cruise: allow for an average surcharge of €100 on top of the hire cost.

 Quality services:
Boat hire companies offer additional services such as bike hire (around €40 per week) and secure parking, as well as refuelling, resupply and assistance during your trip.

Choose your destination and your provider!

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