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There are plenty of routes to choose from, whether you’re looking for a weekend away, a midweek break or a longer holiday. And for those keen to explore as much of the country as they can, a “one-way” cruise from one base to another is a great option. Most hire companies can arrange return transport for you or your vehicle if you opt for a one-way trip.

picto_marron There’s a vast selection of boats available, and you can choose the model that best suits your tastes and needs, whether you’re taking a cruise for two, for the family or as a group with friends. One thing to remember: always make sure you pick a boat that’s the right size for your group. From traditional boats to new generation craft, all are equipped for a comfortable trip, like a real home from home, with dishes and eating utensils, bedding, kitchen facilities, and so on. The fleet is constantly being upgraded to provide higher levels of comfort and the latest equipment, offering a wide choice of features, from the upper deck, which serves as both a convenient place for lounging in the sun or al fresco dining, to the second cockpit.More generally, most boats have a lounge equipped with a circular seat and central table, spacious cabins with adjoining bathrooms for privacy, and an equipped kitchen and heating system.

River and canal boats are regularly inspected by the authorities and are guaranteed to offer complete safety. They are officially known in French as “coches de plaisance nolisés”, which roughly translates as “chartered recreational water coaches”!

louer un bateau c'est facile


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