Travel, patrimoines et art de vivre en Bourgogne (august 2010)

A romantic voyage into uncharted lands We are new to boating. We still have no idea of just how beautiful Joigny is. It’s in that small medieval town, with its pretty timber-framed houses, that the voyage begins, as we board a “pénichette”, a small traditional French barge. Here is a humble account of our romantic getaway. […]

[…] As we sail along the canal, we pass through village after village, just waiting to be explored, like here to the north of Joigny. One of the advantages of this kind of trip, is the ability to stop whenever you feel like it. Slowly, with no stress, just relaxing and enjoying the freedom… What more could one want?

[…] Pénichette holidays are available from three days/three nights, up to two weeks or longer. Bear in mind that you may need to book up to one year in advance. The boats are well equipped, and all you need to bring is towels and food for the journey. […]

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