The new travellers are arriving from all corners

> Le Républicain Lorrain (19 July 2013)

River tourism has the wind its sails. Some of its newest converts, who often hail from the other side of the world, devote half the year to their favourite activity […] Saint-Jean-de-Losne? Nobody’s heard of it! Except, apparently, boaters from the world over. Many have made it their main base. A quick glance at the map shows why: in the “smallest commune in France”, the Doubs, the Saône, and also the Burgundy Canal and the Rhône-Rhine Canal all meet at an exceptional crossroads. From here, it’s possible to travel just about anywhere in France…and beyond!  The Australians and New Zealanders seen bobbing along our waterways have got it down to a tee. Their preferred method is to hire a boat in Saint-Jean and spend a few months meandering across Europe […]

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