A sporting getaway on the Canal du Midi

> The Independent (30 may 2012)


Most are teachers looking to take advantage of the holidays to get away from the mountain country of the Alps, and explore the South of France in an unusual way: by sailing along the Canal du Midi.

They embarked on a barge called “Le Boat-Nautilus 35″ sailing between Trèbes and Castelnaudary, stopping off for bike rides every day. […] Carcassonne, Bram with its ‘circulade’ village, Saint-Papoul and Castelnaudary were on the itinerary, taking in the roads of the Malepère, the Black mountain, and the Lauragais. “the peaceful charm of the canal and the richly-historied places passed along the way will leave us with some wonderful memories” […]

The cuisine too, no doubt. The group stopped off to taste some of the local specialities in the nearby restaurants, culminating with the famed cassoulet of Castelnaudary. A sporting holiday of discovery that will live long in the memory.

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