River tourism, fun and relaxation

> Petit futé (May-June 2011)

“Weekday troubles, All washed away by blue and green, Just one Sunday on the water, All the little birds singing, Is enough to make every day seem fine”. These words, sung by French actor Jean Gabin in the mid-1930s, are reminiscent of a certain joie de vivre, a sense of peace and tranquillity that inspires the imagination and is as popular with holidaymakers as ever. Floating along the river and gently whistling on the banks is a simple pleasure that anyone can enjoy. There is plenty of choice, from outings lasting just a few hours, to cruises lasting a day, a weekend or even longer. Whatever type of holiday you are looking for, river tourism is an excellent way to explore a different side of France, from Mulhouse to Strasbourg, from Arles to Lyons via the Canal du Midi, the Poitiers marshes and trips along the Seine. Follow the guide, weigh anchor and get underway…

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