Peace and contentment on a penichette

> Aujourd’hui en France (15 September 2013)

Like camping holidays or unusual accommodation deep in the country, river tourism has the wind in its sails […] Our rivers and canals are fantastic ways to go exploring. The French are gradually coming to appreciate them, and increasing numbers are opting to rent one of the 1800 boats available  for hire on France’s 8,500 km of navigable waterways. To take the tiller of a penichette boat, that’s every bit as well equipped as a giant motor home, you don’t need a licence. And this way of travelling guarantees a relaxing trip, far from the bustle of the city or crowded seaside resorts. While summer is obviously the ideal season to make the most of this kind of holiday, why not try a weekend break in the early autumn. With the added advantage of cheaper rates during this period. […]

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