Anjou Navigation adapts to change

> Ouest France (July 2011)

An interview with director of Anjou Navigation, François Peiffer, whose company owns a fleet of 27 boats equipped to welcome between two and 12 passengers.

“River tourists have moved on. Bookings more and more frequently are made later in the day, and trips are often shorter. In fact, our season lasts just six months.” First observation: people are making last-minute bookings. “We have to adapt to this new trend. We need to be very responsive.”

Second factor to take into account: river tourism today is just one option within a myriad of available holidays. Trips are frequently shorter and more spread out. And even the customers are changing: the French are increasingly replacing tourists from other countries. “The English visit less now. We have Swiss, German and Dutch holiday-makers, but we are seeing an opening in the Eastern market especially with Czech and Russian bookings becoming more commonplace.” French tourists now represent more than 20% of the market.

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