A Tour de France on the canals, or exploring France in eight stages!

>  L’Express / RFI (June to August 2009)
The Tour de France on the canals is the theme of an adventurous multimedia travel log produced by L’Express and RFI. Based on experiences, encounters and impressions gleaned from journeys on France’s canals, this account touches upon on just about every aspect of river tourism: history, heritage, culture, cuisine, sports and leisure, practical considerations, handy addresses, etc.

What’s the route?

– Stage 1 > The Paris area, the Canal de l’Ourcq, the Marne

– Stage 2 > The Canal du Nord and the Canal de la Somme

– Stage 3 > Brittany, the Nantes-Brest canal

– Stage 4 > the South-West, the Canal de Garonne, the Baïse and the Lot

– Stage 5 > The Canal du Midi

– Stage 6 > The South-East, the Canal du Rhône à Sète

– Stage 7 > The canals of the Centre (Loing, Nivernais, Briare, Burgundy)

– Stage 8 > Eastern France, the Marne-Rhine canal

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