Simple delights of river tourism in summer

> Le Monde (16 August 2012)

From 400 euros for a weekend, you can hire a boat and travel down the Yonne, taking your time. River tourism is basically about rediscovering the virtues of peace and quiet, and a relaxed pace. It has grown in France in recent years.

If you’re tempted by adventure, bear in mind that you need not be a professional sailor – in fact you need not have sailed before in your life – to get a taste river tourism by hiring a boat for a weekend, a week or perhaps even longer.

Once you’ve parked your car at the marina in Joigny, your adventure can get under way. From that moment, life will take on a more sedate pace. It takes just an hour to learn the ropes on your boat. “Whatever model you choose, whether a 9 metre boat for four people or a 15 metre vessel for eight to twelve people, the handling remains the same” […] You push the accelerator forward and grip the tiller firmly […] Suddenly you feel like a skipper! There are no major difficulties to overcome – the way ahead is wide and straight.

Three kilometres later, the first lock comes into view,  […] you’ll need to tie up, […] an operation that you’ll need to repeat another half dozen times. But once every member of the crew has found his or her place, navigating the locks will be quite straightforward.

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