Digoin-based river tourism operator Les Canalous is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Les Canalous is on the crest of a wave.

> Le Journal de Saône et Loire (09 June 2012)

[…] Based in Digoin, Les Canalous is celebrating 30 years in business. The family firm is now France’s leading builder and operator of licence-free rental boats. […] Theirs is a charming story, and there’s no telling where it might end. […]

With 17 bases spread throughout France, Les Canalous are one of the country’s main leaders in river tourism. […] The success story started out as the brainchild of René Carignant and his son, Claude. Passionate river-enthusiasts, the two men were keen to show the Charolais-Brionnais region from a new angle: the water. […]

[…] “Our core business is hiring boats that do not require a licence. We think of ourselves as craftsmen”. […]

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