Barge: a little ship

> La Marseillaise (28 April 2012)


Cruising along the canals of France and Navarre is an original way to discover the countryside. A voyage that’s as different as it is unforgettable.

Who’s never dreamed of skippering their own barge? Of living on one of those big boats designed especially for sailing along the rivers and canals, rocked to sleep each night by the gentle sway and stopping whenever and wherever they please? Well, it’s easy to get a taste of the life, by hiring a barge for the ultimate way to discover France’s landscapes from a whole new angle. There are a number of specialist operators offering the chance to put on the captain’s cap for a getaway on the water. With the wide selection of breaks available, this unusual type of holiday raises plenty of practical questions for novices. […]

[…] this type of trip is for everyone […] no sailing licence is needed for sailing on canals.

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