Canal du Midi, an ode to leisurely languor

> Grands reportages / Feature Reports – Stories (July 2012)

[…] Boaters in their pleasure craft take to the Canal du Midi for a river cruise unaffected by the passage of time.

[…] “No need for permits, I will explain everything to you, it’s pretty easy” […] A fifteen minute introduction to sailing and navigation, traversing a bridge and a short spin later, here are the budding boatmen ready to set sail on the ribbon of water that winds along the region of Hérault and Aude […] a true ode to leisurely languor and silence. […] Here we go, heading due west towards Carcassonne…

[…] Along the canal, the docking is free, whether it’s time for lunch, or for discovering the hinterland, for a relaxing break, or at night.

[…] the sailing is easy and calm […] its rhythm and movements determined by the crossing of the locks. […] This is an opportunity to converse with the lock keepers, who are rarely stingy with their valuable advice.

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