The Canal du Midi, a remarkable waterway between the Garonne and the Rhône

> France 2 – Télématin (11 August 2012)

“We’re taking a boat out on the Canal du Midi today. It’s a lovely trip.”

“Between a cruise on a boat, which really is wonderful, and a B&B on the banks of the Garonne – don’t waste any time, make the most of it!”

“From the Lauraguais plains to the vineyards of Corbière, the Canal du Midi stretches for 230 km between the Garonne and the Rhône, a green highway for those… in a hurry. You can take the time to admire the countryside […]. Whether for a day, or a few days, the Canal du Midi is about the fun of sailing. There are a number of tour operators to choose from […].

“Handling a boat? Piece of cake!”

“Basically, after 45 minutes, you get a licence that lets you sail for a week, no problem. We also rent boats for the weekend, leaving on the Friday and returning on the Sunday evening, so everything is possible.”

“Sometimes we stop off somewhere, like in Le Sommail, a lovely little port. Sailing on the Canal du Midi is slow and sedate, so anyone who’s a bit stressed out, go for it.”

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