“Hiring a boat”

>  Fluvial (March 2007)


” Most hire firms have fairly comprehensive sites, where you can get an idea of what’s on offer and see the interior of a boat, before you book. […] On most sites, the trend is towards transparency. Any extras are clearly detailed are the price shown. That goes for bike hire to boat cleaning after the cruise, as well as things like secure parking for your vehicle […]. There’s a wide range of services, and the real cost of the cruise has to include all the options chosen. On some sites, you can even book a cruise online. […] And on the subject of money, boat hire may cost a certain amount, but in exchange, you have something unique, that’s a vehicle, a “hotel” and “restaurant” all at once, and that lets you travel through the countryside at a human speed and get right to the heart of the city in peace. You could get used to it, that’s for sure. “

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