River tourism: sightseeing from the water

> Direct 8 – Mon bien être (24 July 2012) presented by Caroline ITHURBIDE – Jean-Michel COHEN

“[…] River tourism? It’s just land people taking to the river. It’s crossing France from north to south, and from east to west via all the big rivers.

Today, France has 8,500 km of rivers and waterways. This kind of tourism is on the rise, because people like it, it’s a way of getting back in touch with nature! You take your boat, you hire it, and away you go!”

Listening to the gentle lapping of the water while discovering new landscapes is an increasingly popular way of travelling.

Whether for a week-end break or a whole week away, hiring a river boat is a solution that more and more holidaymakers are opting for. No licence is required, and with 8,500 km of navigable waterways, France has the biggest network in Europe.

It is a complete activity and a means of discovering the waterway and the villages and towns, but from a whole new angle.

Boat hire operators across France can help you explore the river, even if you don’t have a sailing licence.

For licence-free boats, a specialist will give you a short lesson on how to handle your vessel. Whether with family or friends, boat hire is an interesting option and a different kind of getaway.

Perhaps you’ll be tempted by a summer break drifting along the canals and locks!

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