Cruising the canals of France and Navarre is a different way to explore our countryside. Set a course for an unforgettable and original voyage.

> “Petit journal”, Tarn et Garonne edition (March 25th 2013)

Haven’t we all dreamed of skippering our own barge or living on one of those big boats built to sail the canals and rivers, gently rocked to sleep at night and dropping anchor wherever the fancy takes us? Well, even if you can’t take up permanent residence afloat, you can hire just such a boat, cruise along at your own pace and see France’s beautiful landscapes from a whole new point of view. There are numerous specialist operators who will be only too happy to hand you the skipper’s cap for a few weeks’ holiday […]

O captain, my captain! First of all, this kind of break is for everyone, including those who have never touched a rudder in their life before, and no licence is needed to sail on the canals  […]

Life aboard: The pénichette boat will let you tie up anywhere you like, even deep in the countryside. It’s that versatility that gives it all its charm!  […]

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