“Captain of the ship”

>  Cote Magazine (April 2009)


[…] Never been boating before? No problem. You’ll get a quick lesson on how to manoeuvre your boat or barge before you set out, with instructions on handling, mooring and navigating locks. And that’s pretty much all you’ll need to know, as boating on canals is safe, with speeds limited to 6 km/h. Only navigating locks can sometimes be a little tricky, requiring several people to help manoeuvre the boat.
On the money side, boating isn’t just a different kind of holiday. It’s also an affordable kind of holiday! Aside from the diesel fuel, which has to be paid for at the end of a cruise, boating holidays are “all in”, with no hidden extras. The hire rate is per boat (not per person), and the main activities don’t carry surcharges: 4 to 5 hours of boating per day, walks and bike rides along the towpaths, angling, bathing, visiting waterside villages, and passing through locks is free.

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