Auxerre and back in a weekend

> L’Yonne républicain (April 2013)

A barge is “a world apart”. Floating along at 6 km/h. For example, in a weekend, a barge can take its occupants to Auxerre for the evening, and return the following day, sailing for five and a half hours each day. Over a week, that’s more or less a return trip to Ancy-le-Franc. Barges, whatever their size (from 2 to 12 people) can be sailed without a licence. Before departure, Locaboat gives clients a two-day introduction to sailing and issues a provisional licence. Recreational sailors are then free to float down the Canal de Bourgogne or the Canal du Nivernais and admire the countryside from a whole new vantage point. In the woods can be seen old lock keepers’ cabins, that have now been turned into pottery workshops. Sometimes, the lock keeper will sell vegetables. There’s so much to discover. In the evening, they can tie up in a marina with facilities, or stop wherever the fancy takes them. Mooring pegs and mallets are provided.

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