Savouring the flavours of Burgundy from the water

> Aujourd’hui en France (30 July 2012)

For anyone who likes a holiday where they can relax and take their time away from the crowds, hiring a boat to sail through Burgundy is a sure-fire guarantee of a different, and very peaceful kind of getaway.

From the port at Joigny sur l’Yonne […], at a speed of around 6 to 8 km/h, it doesn’t take long to reach Auxerre.

“When you arrive by boat, you’re immediately in the centre of town. There are no problems finding a parking space.”

“The great thing about a boating holiday is that you can explore at your own pace and every day you can go and pick up some local specialities”.

The gentle journey from Joigny to Auxerre is ideal for a weekend break. For a week-long trip, take the Burgundy Canal to Montbard, or the Canal du Nivernais to Clamecy. Discover and enjoy to your heart’s content.

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