Feel like a vacation with a difference?

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Have you ever thought about a boating holiday?

Hiring a boat and sailing off for a few days on the river or canal makes a refreshing change from the habitual week spent camping by the seaside. And what’s more, it’s relatively affordable […]

What’s the attraction?

A boating holiday is an ode to peace, tranquillity and relaxation. There’s no packed swimming pool full of noisy kids in the holiday village, no fighting your way over the crowded beach looking for two square feet of sand on which to spread your towel, no traffic jams and no problems finding a parking spot.

A leisurely cruise along the waterway is a fine chance to discover or rediscover the joys our country has to offer […]

It’s not boring

You can stop off wherever you fancy, go for a walk and get a taste of the local heritage and culture in each region…You can stow a bike and take it for rides when and where you like. […] You’ll be given all this information (places to visit, bathing spots, etc.) by the boat hire operators before you leave […]

You don’t need a sailing permit

River boats are limited to a speed of 8 km/h, and are no longer than 15 metres.

For these kinds of vessels, the law does not require a permit. So anyone can hire one, even if they know absolutely nothing about sailing.

How much does it cost?

The price varies depending on the length of your holiday, the size of your boat, the season and the level of accommodation. To hire a boat for four people for a week in high season, you should budget for around €1000 and €1500 altogether (including fuel, insurance, etc.). That works out at around €250 to €375 per person, no pricier than a week’s stay in a hotel. […]

Contrary to what you might think, it’s not necessarily an expensive option, and will guarantee you an original kind of holiday. Recommended, for a refreshing change!

Choose your destination and your provider!

Choose your destination and book your boat with a professional boat hire company. They'll ensure your holiday goes smoothly, and will be on hand to advise and assist, whenever you need.